Recently, fake taxis and cabs have cropped up everywhere, where people pretending to be drivers are stealing credit card information from passengers aswell as kidnapping, robbing and beating them up.It has truly become very difficult to be able to trust the local taxis now a days. Every now and then, we get to hear news on the fake taxis and vehicles that are being operated illegally. The Police has even advised the public via twitter to stay safe and only be travelling with pre-booked private hire vehicles like Chertsey Taxi.

Some undercover reporters decided to carry out a 4 day trial period in over 20 Uber and Ola rides where they had been recording conversation via a spy camera. There aim was to have the drivers reveal the insider secrets and details. Where one thing that they come across was that there were multiple unregistered drivers and only one registered cab. You may have often noticed while booking these cabs that the driver whose picture you see on the app isn’t always the one who is driving you to your destination. Have you ever thought why? It’s only due to the fact that this person never really did register himself to drive that cab and could possibly be using a fake drivers license. Due to this reason, he would even be untraceable after committing crime.

The easily affordable app-based cabs have made it possible for the people to travel alone anywhere anytime of the day however, deep down the line, they have somewhere compromised the promised verification of drivers. Therefore, if you are in a country which is plagued by fake cab robberies, make sure you avoid taking a cab on the street. For people around Chertsey, Chertsey Taxi Service are providing a 24 hour service in order to ensure peoples safety and for them to restrain from hailing the local cabs, so why risk your lives?